Download the Property Lifecycle Asset Management Planning eBook

This introductory guide to property lifecycle asset management outlines key principles and considerations in the planning process that are buried in the IPWEA guidelines – making it easier to make asset management work.

Why is this important? Organisations with extensive and complex asset portfolios need to deliver more meaningful and sustainable outcomes to their communities, customers and other stakeholders by delivering the right projects for the right reasons at the right time.

We’ve written this eBook to help you to:

  • See your property assets as a key factor in achieving your organisation’s strategic objective
  • Recognise your property as a business enabler rather than a cost centre
  • Align your property strategy with your overall strategic objectives for better long-term decisions
  • Understand how to find answers to stakeholder needs that are cost effective and meet your organisation’s objectives
  • Manage property proactively and avoid unplanned or reactive works that can put your organisation and people at risk
  • Identify and manage risk, including predicting the timing and extent of ‘whole of life’ costs
  • Prioritise work and purchases so you have sufficient funds when required well into the future
  • Use practical tools to keep track of your property condition, performance and projects
  • Agree levels of service, including assessing whether a property meets a defined quality standard, is compliant with legislation, is accessible, is being well utilised, and is functional
  • Make a recognised and valuable contribution to the success of your organisation

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