SPM Assets User Group Webinar Series

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Project Planning 

This 30-minute 'refresher' demonstrates how to use the embedded tools within the software to create 'planned projects' to form your works-programme. You will learn how to setup projects that link to components including their prioritisation, ranking and costings.

Maintenance Planner 

A 30-minute webinar looking at the Maintenance Planner to uncover additional functionality that you may not be currently using and to make sure that you are up to date with current best-practice.

Self-Service Reporting

This 30-minute webinar demonstrates an interactive reporting tool which allows you to amend and build your own reports within SPM Assets. Self-service Reporting, commonly referred to as ‘ad hoc reporting’ is a module that allows you to stay informed and make better decisions with compelling information.


In this webinar, we will demonstrate Programs which allows you to quickly build works-programs and create a holistic view of every single project across all business areas in one central place.


Stories by SPM 1080p

In this webinar, we will demonstrate Stories which is a powerful and intuitive communication tool, helping bring together key stakeholders and engaging them in the planning process.